Hire Movers or Move Yourself? How Best to Move Your Home
Hire Movers or Move Yourself? How Best to Move Your Home

This is a question that plagues all people on the move. And like most decisions, the answer is different for everyone depending on numerous factors such as time, money, difficulty and complexity of the move. If you're moving across town, a self-move may make more sense than if you're moving across the country. Still, to ensure you're making the best decision, it's a good idea to weigh all options. 

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So, before we begin to ask ourselves some questions, decide first what your first priority is; money or time or a bit of both. Knowing what is the most important factor will help lead you to a satisfying answer.
How Much Stuff Do You Have?
For a general idea of what it will cost to move your household, use the guide most truck rental agencies use, and count the number of bedrooms. Here's a sample truck-size guide from U-Haul:

  • 26' will move 4+ bedrooms
  • 24' will move 3-4 bedrooms
  • 17' will move 2-3 bedrooms
  • 14' will move 1-2 bedrooms
  • 10' will move an apartment

How Far Are You Moving?
Check rates on the cost to rent a truck to move from Point A to Point B and factors in the type of move (one-way or return). Remember when you're moving one-way the cost can increase by 50% or more.

Okay, so that covers the fee to rent a truck, but what about gas costs and mileage? You'll have to factor both in when determining the cost of renting a truck vs hiring a moving company. Both costs need to be added to the truck rental fee if mileage is not already included.

Once you've answered these two questions, call some moving companies and ask for a sample quote over the phone.

So, now you have a cost-comparison between hiring a company or moving it yourself. Now, if this is all you're concerned about, then you can pretty much stop right here and make your decision. But if time is important to you, then you can also weigh the various options in between; from hiring a company to pack, load and ship, unload and unpack your goods, to hiring a company just to load, ship and unload your household or to do it all yourself. Here are some final questions to ask:

  • How much time will it take to pack your things, load your things and drive it all to your new destination?
  • Do you have additional help? Friends, family, neighbors or colleagues that can lend a hand?
  • Do you have fragile or special items that will require special handling? Can you move these items yourself? If not, what will it cost to move them?
  • Will you need to rent additional equipment/supplies/hired-hands to move larger items such as appliances?
  • Are you confident that you can move your household goods safely?
  • Are you aware of hidden costs that can creep into your move, such as additional insurance or packing supplies?